Arizona man offers to donate blood to victims of El Paso mass shooting

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Police and local hospitals are putting out an urgent call for blood donations and people are lining up in El Paso -- and Arizona is one of the states on standby to help out.

The man we spoke with says he was ready to make the six-hour drive from Phoenix to El Paso, but instead, he'll be right here tomorrow morning, doing his part as another mass shooting takes innocent lives.

Jon Schnorberger says his blood type is AB negative - the rarest form of blood there is. He hasn't turned off the news all day, waiting for information to develop in El Paso on the mass shooting that killed 20 and injured more than two dozen at a Walmart.

"I go to the Walmart on East Bell Road and I couldn't imagine a child having to bury their parents or a parent having to bury their child," Schnorberger said. "That's just unfathomable."

A spokesperson with Vitalant Arizona tells us right now, the sister center in El Paso has provided 240 units of blood to help victims, but there's never enough and Arizona is ready to help with donors like Schnorberger.

"I want to give as much as I can to help those victims," Schnorberger said. "I mean, it's tragic."

A father of three, Schnorberger is grateful to be alive but fears hate is consuming the country he loves.

"People that just have too much hate, it's just like everybody says, you just [have to] pray for those people."

Still, Schnorberger is hopeful he can help the El Paso community in a desperate time of need.

"I think to us as Americans to step up to the plate and really help out and give back, [because] that's how we get back," Schnorberger said.