Arizona mother starts petition to continue online schooling option after pandemic ends

A valley mom hopes Arizona's Governor and the state superintendent will hear her out when it comes to a new form of schooling once the coronavirus pandemic nears its end.

Michelle Garza started a petition for parents to choose the option of online schooling once school returns.

"As a parent I’ve been feeling this growing anxiety every time there’s a discussion of possibly opening the schools again," she explained. "What will things look like when public schools reopen again?"

Whenever it happens, she wants the option of keeping her two students in their district, using online instruction.

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"I have two kids. My oldest son has asthma, my youngest son has cerebral palsy," Garza said.

With those underlying health conditions, she says she's not ready to let her kids go back to the classroom physically even when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

"Public schooling, if it starts back the way it normally is with the normal rules, you don’t have a choice if you’re enrolled in school you have to be there attendance and everything like that," she said.

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Garza’s petition asks Governor Doug Ducey and state superintendent of public instruction Kathy Hoffman to consider the choice.

As people now have the choice to stay home or eat at a restaurant, she wants the same to apply to public schools after the pandemic.

"The numbers are low of people contracting it and dying, but as a parent, I’m gonna fight to keep my kids out of that low number no matter what," she said.

Adding, if worst comes to worst, she will consider homeschooling her children.

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