Arizona restaurant owners feeling the pinch as meat prices increase

These days, it seems like the price of everything is going up, and now that includes the prices of meat. Two thirds of grocery shoppers say they're paying more for meat now more than ever.

Part of this is the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic, but other economic factors are playing a part and it's having a ripple effect.

59% say they are paying more for chicken.

We spoke to Oren Hartman, owner of Naked Q in Scottsdale, which had to close down one of its locations. He says the prices are rising to a level he's never seen before.

"We're seeing chicken up 100%, we're seeing turkey up, as meat has gotten more expensive. What happens is it's sorta a ripple effect. It's sorta hopscotching from one meat to another. Right now, in the six and half years we've been open, I've been paying more for products than we've ever paid."

Hartman says he isn't passing the cost on to customers.

Some of the largest meat packing plants are having trouble ramping up due to labor cuts and shortages and for it to last well into the summer.


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