Arizona Senate Republicans set up email asking for stories of voter fraud

In an effort to investigate every claim of voter fraud that arose after the election, Arizona Senate Republicans set up an email where people could send in accounts of their voting experience.

Hundreds of people took them up on the offer.

About 3,900 emails were sent in, 3,400 of them appeared to be spam. But, the 500 or so from people contained many of the theories already dismissed in court. A large majority of the emails urged the Arizona GOP to move on.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann set up the official legislative email asking for election fraud tips at the end of November. For about 8 days, hundreds of emails came in that spanned the spectrum of concerned to angry to fine to intentionally humorous.

One email pleaded with the Senate President to do everything in her power to investigate what voting machines may have done to sway the election. Another one, floating a popular Dominion voting software claim that hasn’t been found to be credible.

Another email talked of trouble with the machine reading a husband and wife’s ballots.

A large majority of the emails submitted were highly critical of the Arizona GOP and urged them to accept the results of the election, like one from a poll worker stating the email account was set up looking for a problem that was nonexistent.

There were numerous emails attempting to make a mockery of the process, including this one claiming they saw a casket being carried into a polling place. Another emailer said they saw a lizard dressed in an overcoat voting for President-elect Joe Biden.

The states' electors have already cast their votes for Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and a majority of the legal challenges that were brought forth were dismissed in multiple courts, including Arizona's.