Arizona Trucking Association President says thanking a truck driver 'goes a long way'

Truckers are among the many unsung heroes as we work through the coronavirus pandemic.

"I feel we’ve always been important, but people don’t understand it because 'you’re just a truck driver,' but when things start shutting down they realize the importance of our job," says trucker Mel Israel.


Working harder than ever now, moving food, water medicine and supplies, 24/7, some truckers are running into a unique problem; grabbing something to eat.

The issues are, they can’t go through the drive-thru with the big trucks and many restaurants don't allow walk-ins right now.

"In general, a tractor-trailer can’t park anywhere ... if you have an open restaurant area, they get their needs met," says Tony Bradley, President Arizona Trucking Association.

Bradley says he feels for restaurants trying to suddenly function under new rules and is trying to tell his drivers what to do to keep everyone safe and fed. 

Saying "thank you" to a truck driver can go a long way, Bradley says. Adding, "If you see struck driver at a drive-thru, ask if you can go through the drive-thru for them and help get their food."


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