Arizonans react to news of Trump's Mexico tariff plan

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- News of President Donald Trump's plans to impose a tariff on imports from Mexico is hitting many Arizona businesses hard.

Mexico is Arizona's biggest trade partner, with trade worth $9 billion a year. This tariff is like an extra $450 million tax that will promptly be passed on to the average consumer. Even things like tacos will be a target, costing more to make and eat.

"I think it just makes it harder for people making minimum wage, the lower-income people," said Antonio Camargo. "It's just going to get harder for people."

"They raise the price on us, and we raise the price on customers who buy the food," said Fernando Olmos.

Willie Itule said at least the state is lucky, in that the produce season shifts away from Mexico when things get warm.

"We're lucky because most of the product during that time will be grown domestically, which is good for us here," said Itule.

One fruit that will still take a hit is Avocado. They will still mostly come from Mexico during the summer months, so expect to spend more on that guacamole and avocado toast

It's not just food, as Mexico sends us everything from electronics and cars to medical equipment and minerals.

Glenn Hamer with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry said this talk of tariffs leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Meanwhile, there are ten days until the tariffs take effect.