Army releases identity of person killed in Eloy training incident

Master Sgt. Nathan Goodman (U.S. Army)

Officials with the U.S. Army have released the identity of the soldier who died during a training exercise in Southern Arizona.

Army officials identified the soldier as Master Sgt. Nathan Goodman, a 36-year-old from Hope Mills, North Carolina. Master Sgt. Goodman enlisted in the Army in July of 2002, and was promoted to Master Sergeant in July 2019, and became an Operations Team Sergeant.

Master Sgt Goodman served four tours to Afghanistan, one tour in Iraq, two tours in Africa, and one tour in Kyrgyzstan, according to military officials.

News of Master Sgt. Goodman's death emerged on Tuesday. Officials said the death happened during a routine military free fall training exercise near Eloy.

Freefalling is when parachutists jump from an aircraft and delay opening their parachutes.

Eloy is about 52 miles (83 km) northwest of Tucson, to the southeast of Casa Grande.

This story was reported on from Phoenix.