Arpaio speaks about possible position under Trump administration

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio opened up about a possible future in politics under the Trump administration. He's still being somewhat tight-lipped, but did say turning down a possible position would be tough.

Arpaio held a news conference about his annual holiday posse patrol program, which has provided extra security from the Sheriff's Office at malls during the holiday season for years. Although this was the main topic of conversation, he did give us a little insight as to if he would accept any type of position or not in the Trump administration.

"I was with him from the beginning, I'll be with him until the end," said Arpaio.

Aside from kicking off his 23rd holiday posse program, Sheriff Arpaio was also diving a little in to the future.

"I'm 84 years old. If you think an 84 year old is going away, I got news for you. I may be a private citizen, maybe. A private citizen is a very powerful rank to have."

His run as sheriff will come to an end in January, but he's not counting out a position under the Trump administration. Arpaio said he won't be talking about any conversations he's had with President-Elect Donald Trump, if he's had any.

"With him, it might be a little tougher to turn him down because of who he is. How he's treated me and my family. I'm not skipping an answer, I'm just saying it would be more difficult for me to make up my mind," said Arpaio. "If a President of the United States calls, I have to serve my country."

Trump also supported the sheriff, telling voters to re-elect Arpaio during a rally in Phoenix.

Arpaio also said that he will be holding a news conference on December 15th. He wouldn't say what it will be about or if it was any announcement of some sort.