As people move to Phoenix, so are companies that are looking to relocate

Over the last year, company after company have announced a move to the Valley.

Of the companies that have moved, 30% are from California, but so much has changed in the last decade. Nowadays, Arizona isn't just a safe haven for California businesses anymore. Analysts say internationally, the Valley of the Sun is becoming a major player.

Canadian company moving to the Valley

Of the international companies moving, Exro, a Canadian company that makes specific parts for electric vehicle, is the latest company to move its U.S. headquarters to the Valley.

"It seems like everything’s going electric these days," said Sue Ozdemir with Exro.

For what Exro makes, it makes sense for the, to set up shop in Mesa. They are located next door to ElectraMechannica, and just to the north of Lucid and Nikola.

The new business onslaught in the valley isn’t just one industry.

"The middle of the Pandemic, we’ve had one of our busiest years on record," said Thomas Maynard with the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council says in the last fiscal year, which just wrapped up, 45 companies moved to the Valley, creating 10,000 jobs and $13 billion in capital investment. In addition, more than 250 companies are currently in talks to move to the Valley.

People are attracting companies to Arizona

Officials with the GPEC say companies are moving to Arizona because of people.

"I think companies are really attracted to talent and where talent is going, and Phoenix and Arizona, in general, has been a winner in that," said Maynard. "In the Pandemic, people are moving here. We are producing talent in our universities and community college system."

Ozdimer says that is one of the main reasons they picked Phoenix, because they now have 50 jobs to fill.

"We definitely want brains that think about energy in a whole new way," said Ozdimer. "It's who we are as a company."

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