ASU's Hayden Library opens after $90M renovations

A new look for Hayden Library with more learning for Arizona State University students, per square foot, per hour.

"We want to make this a grown-up place for them," said Jim O'Donnell, an ASU librarian. "We call this not a renovation, but a reinvention of how you think of a library, student center, learning center."

The $90 million renovations are the first the library has seen in 54 years since it was originally built. O'Donnell says the students deserve the upgrade.

"They find new technology, they find the books, they find each other, they find the cafe, they find nice bathrooms and we wanted to make sure this is a place that's a home away from home," he said.

The new library includes five floors of reading materials and media labs with the latest technology. Also, dining options, quiet study pods and rooms for independent and group study.

"You can tell they're still real estate shopping, walking around trying to find where their favorite place to study is going to be and we've got lots of candidates for that.," O'Donnell said.

The library typically sees about 10,000 to15,000 visitors a day. After renovations, O'Donnell says that number will most likely double.