Athletic pups compete at Arizona championship

The Dog Agility Championships attract more than 1,000 dogs from a dozen different countries each year and 100 competitors from Arizona are also taking to the field.

"Not only do you have the six rings of agility, you can come out and try agility yourself," Annie DeChance said.

These are the world's fastest and best canine athletes competing a 170-yard obstacle course in just 40 seconds or less, navigated by their human partner at Westworld in Scottsdale.

"It's just a lot of fun watching, the dogs have so much equipment it's fun to put together and it's great for both the dogs and the handlers," Mary Lanphier said.

Dogs can't compete until they are 18-months-old and the big event, the 29th Annual Grand Prix of Dog Agility, is on Sunday.

"This is it, so if you see when the world championships run, there's six different heights you get to claim the world championship title for the year," DeChance said.

The event is dog-friendly for well-behaved pups on a leash.

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