Authorities find bodies of missing man and his grandson

Another tragedy on an Arizona hiking trail, the second in two days.

The bodies of a 63-year-old grandfather and his 12-year-old grandson were recovered by search and rescue teams.

The pair were visiting from Prescott Valley and had set out to hike the Mormon Batallion Trail south of SR283 near Gila Bend.

The trail is the route taken by a group of Mormon volunteers, recruited by the army during the Mexican-American war.

Shortly after sunrise, the MCSO teams recovered both bodies.

"We received a call from a woman who said that her father and son were last heard from Monday evening by telephone at a hotel where they were staying," said Christopher Hegstrom.

A short time after that call, investigators on 4-wheelers headed out on the trail off SR283, after a hotel manager told them the pair left for the area between 8 and 9 a.m. Tuesday, reportedly to take pictures and hike the route.

"They went out there, and that was the last anybody had seen or heard from them," said Hegstrom.

What appears to be his mother's page is filled with condolences, prayers, and messages remembering the young man who many say was special, vibrant, and made everyone smile.

MCSO investigators say evidence indicates the boy and grandfather hiked at least six miles before turning back.

"About a half mile back from there is where the grandfather was located late last night around midnight," he said.

MCSO says that it appears at some point the two became separated, the 12-year-old boy may have left to get help. Crews found him about 4 miles away from his grandfather.

"He was about a mile and a half from the trailhead where he was located," said Hegstrom.

The car the two left parked at the trail head was towed; now his family is left with heartache and hope for answers.

MCSO says it does not appear the two had food or water with them on the trail. The Maricopa County Medical Examiners Office will determine an exact cause of death.