Autopsy report for Phoenix teen who died at Northern Arizona lake released

Officials with the Navajo County Medical Examiner's Office have released portions of the autopsy report for a Phoenix area teen who died at Show Low Lake over the summer.

According to the report, Christopher Hampton died as a result of drowning. He was 15 at the time of his death.

In portions of the report that were released, officials laid out a timeline on what happened leading up to Hampton's death. The incident happened on July 17, when Hampton and other teens went swimming at Show Low Lake after football practice at a summer camp.

"It was uncertain at the time if the decedent went into the water or went walking into the wooded area near the docks," read a portion of the report. "When the group was ready to leave the lake, a head count was not conducted, and the group began to leave."

The report states that one of the teens asked where Hampton was.

"When the group went back to check for him, [Hampton] was nowhere to be seen. A quick search was conducted and 911 was notified," read a portion of the report.

The report states that a search was conducted on the evening of July 17 and into the morning hours of July 18, and that officers on scene later learned that Hampton did, in fact, went into the water, despite not knowing how to swim.

Hampton's body was found during the afternoon hours of July 18, according to the report.

Hampton reportedly attended Cesar Chavez High School, and following his death, changes were made at the school, including the installation of an acting principal and an acting assistant principal.

The school's principal prior to the tragedy, according to the school's website, was Robert Grant. As of Oct. 19, Grant is still listed as the principal for Cesar Chavez High School.