Avondale doctor uses new technology to treat artery disease

AVONDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - "If we are going through the femoral artery, usual, we will get access to the femoral artery right here," Dr. Riyaz Sumar said.

Dr. Sumar, who's an interventional cardiologist at Integrated Medical Services Cardiology in Avondale, says this is how he used to treat P.A.D.

"The new technology, actually instead of going from here to the top to get access to this artery right here, we are going through the artery in the wrist," Dr. Sumar said.

Using a CSI catheter and long sheet, the doctor is able to access the femoral artery through a patient's wrist.

"When we go through the artery in the wrist, the artery is a smaller caliber vessel, but we are able to insert most of the catheter that we need to get to the heart through this artery in the wrist," Dr. Sumar said.

It looks and sounds complicated, but the doctor says the new technology, which uses an FDA cleared device, is safer and better for the patient.

"From a patient perspective, extremely, extremely convenient, where they can come into an out-patient setting which would be literally going to your doctor's office getting a very complex procedure, which is probably [a] 100 percent blocked artery," Dr. Sumar said. "Getting the procedure done from the wrist, getting up literally off the table after the procedure is done, walking back to their post-procedure area and in two hour[s] literally walking home."