Banner Health partners with Lyft giving free rides to mammograms

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Only 67% of women 40 and older report having a mammogram within the last two years. A Valley hospital is teaming up with a ride share company so women won't have an excuse not to get to their appointment.

Amanda Jones is a Lyft driver.

"I started driving for Lyft because I couldn't do anything else," said Jones.

She's also a cancer survivor.

"By the time I got into the mammograms, I had a pretty good sized lump and four separate types of breast cancer," says Jones.

Jones was diagnosed in April of 2017, and she credits her dog and her husband for saving her life.

"My dog had me grabbing at my chest, I didn't know what it was at the time and two days later I found a lump," explained Jones. "When she told me about the lump, it was necessary that she get in immediately."

Six surgeries and 16 rounds of chemo later, she's doing more than walking. She's driving, contributing and giving back.

Lyft and Banner are teaming up to provide free rides to mammograms during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"One of the things that we can do is just help with the logistics of getting in and getting to your screening," said Alexandra Morehouse with Banner Health.

Morehouse says the hospital's philosophy is to make health care easier so the rides are available throughout Maricopa County, Casa Grande and Tucson.

"Only about 65% of women in the state of Arizona get screenings, which is way lower than we would like it to be, so we figured if we could make it easier for people to come in and get what it is they need, that would be a great thing to do for our community," explained Morehouse.

"I've taken people to get their mammogram and I have been able to share my story if they're interested," said Jones.

Sharing her story is as much about saving lives as it it celebrating her own.

For more information on how to get a free ride, visit Banner Health's website.