'Be Kind Breakfast' encourages everyone to be kind to others

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - The Be Kind People Project is giving a whole new meaning to the saying "rise and shine."

This morning, the group fueled up on bagels and Bellinis before getting to work.

"We're giving back, we're showing that we can be kind, and making sure that somebody else is fed for the day at least, groomed for the day and just taken care of and it just feels good," Epiphany Woodruff said.

Hundreds gathered to kickstart their "Make a Difference May" campaign, guests listened to motivational speeches, watched inspired dance performances and heard from students on how they're making a difference.

Many say just the energy in the room is motivating.

"I have been so encouraged by them and I've been so encouraged by this whole event today," Debbie Vargas said. "It's amazing, so I'm excited to participate."

The event wrapped up with an interactive community event of putting together summer care kits for the homeless.

"Some toothbrush and toothpaste, some ponchos for when it rains, combs and soap," Jackson France said.