Bernie Salads: Ahwatukee artist makes Bernie Sanders meme out of vegetables, goes viral

Images of Bernie Sanders at the inauguration wearing wool mittens has led to countless memes on social media, and one Ahwatukee artist's own creation has gone viral as well.

Sandra Marshall, who has been creating food art and paintings for years, turned her vegetables into art.

More than three million people have seen her Bernie food art since she posted it on Facebook, and Marshall thinks the Vermont senator may have even seen it by now.

"I opened up my fridge and...I had these little potatoes, and I said, "That's Bernie's head!" and then I had a piece of cauliflower so...I used it for a little mask," said Marshall. "It was just the dinner ingredients I had planned ."

Marshall says she just finished a children's book of food art to help kids recognize where their food comes from.

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