Bill banning abortions after 15 weeks passes the Arizona Senate – now it heads to the House

Republicans in the Arizona Senate approved a bill to ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy – with some exemptions like medical emergencies.

SB 1164 would ban abortions and even charge doctors who perform the procedure after that time frame with felony charges.

After speaking with some Arizonans about the bill, of course, there are mixed reactions.

"We know from looking inside the womb, technology has given us a great gift to see what we all know instinctively and that is life begins at conception and as it grows you see more and more of the humanity of the unborn child," said Arizona State Senator Nancy Barto.

There are some exemptions for medical emergencies, but there are no exceptions for rape or incest. "I feel like it’s the person's choice, so definitely a female's choice, her body," said Amy Raichert.

Sidney Scott agrees, saying, "I don’t think the government needs to be involved in really any way shape, or form."

Planned Parenthood advocates in Arizona spoke out against the bill. In a press release, it says, in part, "The goal of this abortion ban, like all others, is to stop people from accessing essential health care and to take away Arizonians' power over their own bodies, their lives, and their futures. Planned Parenthood will continue to fight for our patients in Arizona to ensure they can access the health care they need and deserve."

The bill is modeled after a Mississippi law that's currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. A ruling is expected in late 2022, and if passed, it could lead to states overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion decision from almost 50 years ago.

"If we are waiting to see what the Supreme Court does, let’s wait to see what the Supreme Court actually does before we actually start to try and change these laws," said Arizona Senator Martin Quezada.

The bill now heads to the Arizona House for consideration.

Lawmakers have also introduced seven other bills against abortion access in Arizona, including restrictions on abortion medication.

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