Bodies found near the border; child gets served alcohol at a restaurant | Nightly Roundup

From a shocking discovery near the U.S. - Mexico Border to a mocktail mistake involving a child, here's a look at some of the top stories on for Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

1. A grisly discovery near the U.S. - Mexico Border


A dozen bodies found in Mexico, 5 piled in an SUV and 7 others near the US border with Arizona

Prosecutors in the violent western Mexican state of Jalisco said Wednesday they found five dead bodies piled in a bulletproof SUV, while near the Arizona border authorities found seven more bodies.

2. "It didn't taste normal…"


12-year-old served alcohol at Outback Steakhouse in Michigan

The family goes to the same Outback Steakhouse in Livonia a couple of times a month. The pre-teen, Mekyle Cureton, said he always gets the virgin strawberry daiquiri, but the one he got this time was definitely not a mocktail.

3. Is your dog on the list?


Here are the most popular dog breeds of 2023, according to the AKC

The "Frenchie' has held its lead for a second year.

4. Young West Valley boy seriously hurt after shooting himself by accident


Boy in critical condition after accidental self-inflicted gunshot

A boy is in critical condition after police say he accidentally shot himself on Wednesday.

5. Sad discovery at Phoenix home


25-year-old man found dead in a Phoenix bathtub

A 25-year-old man was found dead in a bathtub in Phoenix on Tuesday evening.

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