Police: Boy found unresponsive in Surprise hotel room; mom arrested for drug possession

Tune in to FOX 10 Phoenix for the latest news:

Police in Surprise say they have arrested a woman after her son was found unresponsive on Oct. 26.

Officers, were reportedly sent to the area of a motel near Bell and El Mirage Roads, following a 911 call. When officers arrived, police say they found the unresponsive boy inside a room at the motel.

"Upon investigating further, Officers discovered illegal drugs and apparent drug use in this hotel room," said Sgt. Tommy Hale. "Due to the potential danger of the drugs, Surprise PD was assisted in their removal by resources from a local DEA HAZMAT Unit."

The boy is expected to be OK, according to Sgt. Hale.

Small quantities of fentanyl and meth were reportedly found, but Sgt Hale said it is still not known whether the drugs were the reason why the boy had a medical emergency. 

In all, police say two adults and their children were staying at the hotel room. The boy's mother was placed under arrest on suspicion of illegal drug possession. The kids, meanwhile, are being cared for by the Department of Child Safety.

As for the other adult in the room, police didn't detail if they were facing any charges.