Car crashes into parking lot of East Valley dealership

APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Michael Housh, who's general manager of the Robert Horne Ford dealership in Apache Junction, assessed the damage early Friday morning when at least 15 brand new trucks were left scraped up and dented, and with their windshields cracked and broken.

"It's mayhem, you know," he said.

Housh took photos showing a barely recognizable pickup truck driven right through the wall of the dealership. The driver was described by DPS as a man in his 20s, traveling eastbound on the U.S. 60.

DPS says the driver exited at Tomahawk and may have suffered a seizure.

"We don't see any signs of breaking the moment he came into contact with the wall," Trooper Jonathan Montes said. "It looks like he was going at a pretty good rate of speed."

Debris was found in the back of the pickup trucks, in fact, they found some 161 feet away from the point of impact.

"Thank God there were no customers here and [I] hope the gentleman this happened to is OK," Housh said.

Damage is estimated to be $100,000 and Housh says the trucks will be fixed and sold during a special sale in a few weeks.