Cardinals, State Farm Stadium's owner sue Glendale over VAI Resort parking garage

The Arizona Cardinals and State Farm Stadium's owner have filed a lawsuit against the city of Glendale over plans for a new parking garage.

The Cardinals asked a judge to block Glendale from allowing the developer of the VAI Resort to build the garage across the street from State Farm Stadium.

The Cardinals and the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority say the garage is scheduled to begin being built in January. The team and the agency claim a settlement in a previous battle over parking forces Glendale to get the team and State Farm Stadium's permission before starting any construction.

Glendale reportedly believes permission wasn't needed because the garage would be for resort guests only.

The garage would be on top of a lot that would be used for stadium parking, which the city says still meets its contractual obligation to provide spaces for stadium-goers.


Lawsuit filed against City of Glendale in VAI Resorts deal

Officials with a group named Worker Power say their Executive Director, along with a homeowner in Glendale, have filed a lawsuit against the City of Glendale over a deal that was made to bring a big resort project to the West Valley city.

FOX 10 has reached out to the city of Glendale for comment. 

Location of the VAI Resort