Cardon's Hospital holds cancer survivors day celebration

It is national cancer survivors day, and a big event was held in Mesa to celebrate children from across the valley who have been affected by the disease.

"My name is Kaydence, I'm 4-years-old, and I'm a cancer survivor," said Kaydence.

Kaydence is one of 150 survivors who came to play at Amazing Jake's. Cardon Children's Medical Center has been putting on the event for about five years.

"Just to have that break where they're away from the hospital, away from treatment, interacting with other families that are dealing with the same issues, it's just really cool to see," said Tracey Hawkins.

5-year-old Dylan spends about 7 hours a week undergoing chemotherapy treatment and rehab therapy at Cardon's. He has a cancerous tumor the size of a strawberry in his brain. But you'd never know that by watching him play.

"I'm saving the world, I'm going into the water," said Dylan Marshall.

Dylan's dad says he's a happy-go-lucky kid who is full of energy.

"He's so excited; he's been calling everybody saying I'm going to be on TV, I'm going to be a movie star," said Michael Marshall.

Sometimes the real super-heroes are little children fighting some really big battles.

Cardon's said their annual event started out at the hospital, but it has grown so big, so they had to move it to a bigger location.

This is the first year that the event has been held at Amazing Jakes.