Cat returned to animal shelter 10 years after adoption

Flurb (Courtesy: Arizona Animal Welfare League)

Officials with the Arizona Animal Welfare League say a cat that was adopted from the shelter 10 years ago is once again back in the same shelter, waiting to be adopted.

In an e-mail sent to FOX 10, shelter officials said Flurb was surrendered to the shelter because the family that adopted him became homeless and couldn't afford to take him to the vet. The family brought Flurb back to the shelter because they knew Flurb would be in good hands there.

Officials said Flurb was treated for an ear infection that was so severe, the medical team had to close his ear canal, remove all of his teeth and his left ear.

Flurb's adoption fee is waived, according to officials, He is located at the AAWL's main shelter on 40th Street in Phoenix.

Flurb's profile at the Arizona Animal Welfare League