Cave Creek's beloved 'Buffalo Chip' owner dies at 65

Larry Wendt, a pillar in the Cave Creek community, passed away over the weekend.

He's best known for his local hang out, The Buffalo Chip and if you've been to Cave Creek, chances are you've either been to or heard of the very popular bar and restaurant.

65-year-old Larry Wendt bought it in 1998 and turned it into what it is now.

"He slowly added things one by one from another bar in the back. To the kitchen, to the bull riding, to make it is what it is today," said his daughter, Tifani Wendt.

He passed away early Sunday morning after suffering a heart attack. His daughter Tifani along with the entire community are stunned by the sudden loss.

"Larry was an exceptionally funny and giving person. He’s just so full of life. It was, ‘Larry was going to live forever,’ and I truly believe people think that and if you talk to anybody, they’d tell you that as well," his daughter said.

With her dad's passing, the best way to honor his legacy is to keep the restaurant open and running just as it always has.

"The Buffalo Chip won’t close for a single minute. If you know The Buffalo Chip, we're open 365 days a year. That is not anything that Larry would have wanted. He never would have wanted us to stop the show for him. He would never want anyone to stop being successful. He never would want there to not be a place for his customers to come and have a good time," Wendt said.

There will be a memorial event for Wendt at The Buffalo Chip on Sunday at 9 a.m.

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