Charity group steps in after Valley woman was scammed out of everything in her apartment

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A Phoenix single mother says everything was taken from her apartment, all while she thought her place was being remodeled.

By everything, she means everything.

"Everything," said Myesha Hagler. "They took couches. They took chairs. They took microwaves."

Hagler now has nothing left, and said her apartment complex near 39th Avenue and Camelback had told her they were remodeling, and moved her and her family to a different unit.

When she came back to her original place, everything was gone.

"They took everything from me," said Hagler. "They made me feel like I'm one of these smokers that lives outside of the ground, and doesn't care about their kids."

The single mother didn't know what to do, and she didn't know who she could turn to. That's when Matt Augee and the RecFX Foundation stepped up.

"It's a pretty crappy thing to happen to them," said Augee. "We like to run in when there's a problem and fix it, and we have the ability to fix it."

Augee had heard about Hagler's situation through her pastor, a mutual friend of Augee's. Augee's foundation works completely on donations, and he hand delivered brand new furniture to the family on Tuesday.

Now, nothing has turned into something.

"Everything," said Augee. "Couches, tables, lamps, desks, chairs, beds, brand new beds."

Hagler is apparently not the only victim. She said 20 other people in the neighborhood have fallen victim to what she's calling a scam. Hagler is crediting her faith for getting her through the tough time, and has an important message for Augee and his crew.

"I love you guys!" said Hagler. "Oh I love you! Thank you so much! I wish I could find a whole lot of people like you!"

Phoenix Police has confirmed to FOX 10 that they are looking into this case, and have received reports from residents.