Chicago Police looking for Sinead O'Connor after she threatens to jump off bridge

Chicago Police are confirming that they are on the lookout for Sinead O'Connor, who may be threatening suicide.

The singer famously went missing for a 24-hour period in May while staying at a home in Wilmette, and was later found safe.

Chicago police received a call from police in Dublin, Ireland, stating that O'Connor had threatened to jump off a bridge in Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting. Concerns prompted the Chicago Police Department to issue an "All Call" alert Thursday advising officers to be on alert for the 49-year-old singer. A department spokesperson said no officers have been assigned to the search, but all cars have been notified to be on the lookout.

The alert came across Chicago Police scanners during the height of the evening rush hour (and was repeated 90 minutes later):

A call to the Dublin, Ireland (Garda Síochána) police, yielded no comment.