Chipotle customer claims 'nail' in his burrito caused chipped tooth

(FOX News) -- That must've hurt. A man is claiming he damaged his tooth on a "nail" he found inside his Chipotle burrito at a location in Massachusetts.

Nicolas Ramos shared photos on Facebook of his food and the half-inch long foreign object, which appears to actually be a screw, claiming he chipped his tooth when he bit into the burrito.

"I was honestly shocked," Ramos told Yahoo. "I didn't know what to think. It was definitely painful."

Ramos told Wicked Local at first he thought it was just a piece of chicken inside his usual order, but realized it was an added ingredient he didn't ask for.

"Now there's a hairline crack up my front tooth and a chip out of my bottom tooth. It hurts whenever I eat or try to bite something," he said.

Chipotle refunded Ramos' meal and is doing an investigation into the matter, according to a spokesperson for the chain.