Circle the City helps feed the homeless with special Thanksgiving meals

In this week's Community Cares, a Valley non-profit that provides medical care for the homeless is going above and beyond to provide a special meal for its clients.

Chef Daniel Fenwick has a busy week in the kitchen.

"I really do like making stuffing. I think it's really cool.. apples, lots of herbs.. I am a big herb fan, so I like rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic.. I put all of that in there.. chicken stock, eggs.."

The stuffing, what Fenwick calls a healthier version, will be served to 50 clients, all homeless, at Circle the City for a Thanksgiving feast.

"One thing we do is don't use very much fat, butter, or anything like that. We try to minimize that."

The patients here face a myriad of health issues from heart disease to hypertension, so health is important.

Marty Hames is the community liason for the non-profit, which is dedicated to providing high quality, holistic healthcare to people experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County.

"Our medical team on the streets are able to give those hygiene kits directly to people who are living on the streets who might otherwise have a hard time getting ahold of a mask or hand sanitizer or hand soap to wash their hands."

The kitchen is giving this group a reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving.

"It's a 10. It's awesome. I like going over and talking to the people.. most of them are very, very appreciative about what they get. They always thank me," said Fenwick.

Circle the City relies on donations and volunteers. If you would like to help, call 602-776-0776 or go to