City of Phoenix makes recycling your Christmas tree an easy task

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches.

"We don't want them to end up in alleys," said Lucas Mariacher of the City of Phoenix.

Mariacher, the recycling coordinator with the City of Phoenix, says your Christmas tree is all the nicer recycled.

"We actually have locations all over the City Of Phoenix in our public parks and we’re actually in one of our locations right now -- A to Z Rental -- and you can bring trees here and what they do is chip them up, grind them," he said.

The chips are repurposed.

The compost, according to Mariacher, is called "black gold" -- a mix of Christmas trees, lawn trimmings, and even some food. It's available for sale and can be used on your lawn and garden.

"We're reducing what we want to send to the landfill. We want to reduce our methane emissions because that all contributes to global warming and climate change. It’s very important for the environment and also for Phoenix to have a sustainable path," Mariacher said.

Christmas Tree Recycling