City of Phoenix offers cheap summer golf rates

Summer is almost in full swing in the Valley, which means people are getting out of the golf courses to enjoy the little bit of cooler temperatures that we have left. They're also enjoying the lower prices.

"I'm a native, so I'm used to it and I cannot believe it's June, and it's this nice," Hayley Campbell said.

Campbell and her co-workers are getting nine holes in early before work. They're enjoying the cooler temps and the cheaper rates here at Encanto 9.

"It's definitely much cheaper," she said. "To rent this cart and play nine holes, I paid $21. So that's pretty impressive."

Rates at all City of Phoenix golf courses are cheaper right now. Here at Encanto 9, it's just $17 for adults, and for the juniors, just $7. These discounted rates are good through Sept. 3.

Also nice outside of the $40 total for a round of golf for husband and wife Doug and Marrina Tavares – this crisp June morning.

"It's amazing outside right now, I can't believe it," said Marrina.

"It's hard to get weather like this, so whenever you get it, you try to take advantage of it because it's going to be 95° at this time in about a month, so we try to get out as early as we can, push it earlier in earlier and earlier until we start running into those 5:30 and that's pushing it a little bit," said Doug.

Maricopa County residents can also buy a Phoenix golf card for $50. They cost $30 to renew.

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