City of Phoenix wants you to be ready for monsoon season

The City of Phoenix is teaming up with SRP and the National Weather Service to make sure you're monsoon ready.

What do you do if you have to evacuate? Tina with the city of Phoenix says it's all about a go bag.

"Yes it is and what we're looking at is for families to think about that they need in the first three to five days," she said. "Thing to consider; your medication, water, food, don't forget your pets."

That means don't forget their food and a few gallons of water per person, at least!

What about sand bags? There's a new way to keep your home from flooding.

"These are gel bags, and they basically absorb water and once they get wet, they smell and serve as barriers," said Monica with the city of Phoenix.

You can get these online or at any hardware store.

There's also a situation every year where a power line falls onto a car, so what do you do if this happens to you?

"If you find yourself in this situation, stay in the vehicle until fire or SRP tells you it's safe to get out," said Dave with SRP. "In an emergency, without touching the vehicle, hop from the vehicle, shuffle away, or hop away, and that's the safe way to do it."

What about trees in your backyard with branches that can fall and cause a lot of damage?

"If you see a big branch in the middle of the roadway, you want to call the city of Phoenix to get it out of the way, or the non-emergency line," said Richard, an arborist with the city of Phoenix.

All of the numbers and things you need to know and other information will be sent to you with your water bill this month.