Civil suit filed against tissue donation firm

A civil suit has been filed against the man who pleaded guilty to mishandling body parts that were supposed to be used for scientific research. Stephen Gore of the Biological Resource Center has been sentenced, but one victim says that wasn't enough.

"We as Americans trust that system to take care of our loved ones, that is not what happened," said Troy Harp.

Troy Harp spoke out for the first time after what he calls an unfair ruling against Stephen Gore, the owner of the human tissue donation firm Biological Resource Center. Harp donated two of his family members to the center, his Grandmother, and Mother.

"During that process they were sending us letters on what they were doing with the eyeballs and the live, and all of these great different research centers that really never happened," said Harp.

Months later the FBI raided the facility.

"A box showed up at my door supposedly being my mother, and it happened in a very short period right afterward," he said.

Gore pleaded guilty for his role in mishandling donations. In December of 2015, he was sentenced to one year of deferred jail time and four years probation. He was also ordered to pay $121,000 in restitution.

"Astonishing, I was grossed, I could not believe that the system did this, can not believe that this even happened. Sitting there watching it, it was like a dream," said Harp.

Harp has since filed an amendment to the first civil suit against Gore; he says he is seeking proper justice, this time around.

"For Stephen Gore, I want him to know me. I want him to know my mother, and my grandmother and he will when this is over," said Harp.

Gore immediately started his probation after sentencing. He's due back in court in December of 2016 to see if the judge will make him serve that one year in jail.

Harp says he hopes the Attorney General will open the case and Gore will get a punishment fit for the crime.