Community remembers late Phoenix artist who taught hundreds how to paint online during pandemic

The community is honoring a late Phoenix artist who inspired many during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it's happening during a two-night celebration of Dia de Los Muertos.

33-year-old Luisa Leon died from COVID-19 in August and on Nov. 1, her students put together an art exhibit in her honor at the Luna Culture Lab in downtown Phoenix.

The Mexican holiday is about remembering friends and family members who have died, setting up altars in their honor.

Luisa Leon

Luisa Leon

Leon is being remembered through an art exhibit made up of her students' artwork.

She inspired many during the pandemic as she taught hundreds of people how to paint online. She did this for 100 days during quarantine, reaching people all over the world.

"We said we are doing this altar for her and if you want to have a presence in her artwork, what better way of honor your teacher than by having your own artwork on display and so we had 80 pieces submitted to be a part of this altar. 25% of those came from California," said Tania Torres, CEO of Luna Culture Lab.

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