Couple on sinking boat claims cooler saved their lives

Apparently a Yeti isn't just a scary, gorilla-sized snowman. On Sunday, one may have saved lives.

A Texas couple says their YETI cooler saved their lives after their boat started sinking off the Texas coast.

The couple were on a fishing trip in Brazoria county when their 23-foot boat started taking in water near the engine.

Realizing they didn't have much time, they put their valuables in the YETI, sealed it up and used it as a floatation device when their boat went under.

"It definitely got us out of the situation if not saved our lives," said boater Jered Caraway.

"I'm pretty confident we would have drowned if we didn't have that," said Morgan Mayfield, Caraway's fiancee.

The couple swam towards shore until a relative's boat nearby saved them.