Court documents unsealed: New details in Abdul Kareem terrorist case

There's new information on the Phoenix man the government believes is a homegrown terrorist.

Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem is facing three felony counts for his alleged involvement in an attack in Texas two months ago.

Kareem may not have been at the May 3rd attack outside the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, but law enforcement believes he helped coordinate the attack.

The 43-year-old had been arrested 11 times between 1991 and 2004 and has served jail time twice. Most of his arrests were tied to DUIs.

The U.S. District Court documents reveal the argument the FBI was making to convince a judge to keep Kareem detained pending his trial.

In the recently unsealed documents it's where we see just how much firepower. Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi had when they when they attacked the Muhammad Art Exhibit in Texas on May 3rd.

The arsenal included over a thousand rounds of ammunition and six weapons including pistols, revolvers and rifles.

FBI investigators say Kareem, now awaiting trial on three felony counts for his involvement in the May attack on an event in Texas, practiced with Soofi and Simpson in the desert around Phoenix, and that a witness says all three were handling the same weapons.

Soofi and Simpson were shot and killed in may when they opened fire outside the Muhammad cartoon drawing contest.

In court documents, investigators say while searching a Phoenix apartment for a different other crime in July of 2012, they seized several items belonging to or used by Kareem.

On a laptop and on a 2 gigabyte flash drive, investigators report finding several documents. The titles of one "Using Weapons of mass Destruction Against Infidels." Another was entitled "Training that Makes Killing Civilians Acceptable."

Court documents say Kareem later told the FBI the computer was his, but the flash drive with the terrorist literature did not belong to him.

Back on June 16th, Judge Susan Bolton did rule in a detention hearing that Kareem will remain behind bars while awaiting his trial, which is scheduled for October 6th.