Dashcam video catches aggressive driver losing control and crashing car

People have seen impatient drivers on the road, and sometimes, it's an accident waiting to happen Dashcam video from a driver in Scottsdale caught an aggressive driver in the act. That's exactly what a driver is seen doing in a dash cam video.

The car is seen swerving around the car that was recording, and then swerve around another driver, narrowly missing it. The car then goes up on the side of the road and loses control. The incident happened in Scottsdale on Alma School, just north of Happy Valley Road.

Scottsdale Police officials say the driver was cited for reckless driving, along with three other violations. The passenger was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Some drivers say they aren't surprised watching the video.

"I feel like people just whip out of lanes randomly, and just cut people off," said one woman, identified only as "Maria". "I feel like most people don't know the laws or don't pay attention to the laws. They feel like they can just do whatever they please. Maybe they don't know good driving manners."

"People cutting people off without signaling, then they slam on their brakes," said one woman, identified only as "Deb". "I always try to leave a space between me and the other guy."

One driver has had a different experience on the roads.

"People have been polite. They usually let you in if you signal. That's the key is signaling," said one person, identified only as "Joe".

One driver had a few words of advice.

"Be kind. Be kind out there," said Deb. "Slow down. Take your time. We all want to get to our destination also."