Decades of Arizona's movie history destroyed in house fire

Decades of Arizona's movie history have been destroyed after a massive house fire near Tucson.

Thousands of props, artwork and books are gone after flames tore through the Three Points home of longtime western movie actor Ivan "Red Cloud" Wolverton and his wife Margery.

Wolverton played roles in both the 1987 Elmore Leonard adaptation of Desperado and made appearances in movies like Deadwood, Tombstone, Buffalo Soldiers and more.

""From the time the fire department got here…there was oxygen in there that blew," said daughter Wendy Wolverton. "It started blowing the house apart and we think it was only a minute or two from the time they got out before it blew." 

While the couple was saved by a neighbor knocking on the door to get them out, they lost everything.

"We've been married 68 years," Wolverton said. "Some of the stuff and a few things she had when we got married, and I'm just telling people, well it had 80 years together in that old house there."

The family has been sifting through the damage to find anything that may have survived. So far, they've found a few papers from the 1986 made for TV movie Stagecoach, some porcelain and a jewelry box.

"The thing about my parents - they're very stubborn, but they're survivors," said Wendy. "That's the part of life. It either gets you or you survive." 

At this point, the family is saving up to buy the couple a mobile home so they can travel to all of their children.

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