Deputies looking for naked thief who cost Dunedin Little League nearly $4,000

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The Little League community in Dunedin is trying to figure out why a man would strip naked and break into their concession stand, costing the kids' sports organization thousands of hard-earned donations.

Security cameras were rolling April 7 when a man, wearing no clothes, broke into the concession stand for the Greater Dunedin Little League.

"How somebody can take from these children is beyond me," said Susan Semitecolos, the president of Greater Dunedin Little League.

She said the burglar started at the window then used a crowbar to go through the door.

"He realized there was a camera up there. As he proceeded to go to the gate, took the camera off, and he busted the gate down, completely down," said Semitecolos.

The crime caused nearly $4,000 in damage. Surveillance video shows suspect emptying money into a bag.

"He robbed the whole cash box because he couldn't get it open, and he took the kids' donations," continued Semitecolos.

That's upsetting for teen baseball players like Derek Dormois, who grew up playing little league and now helps younger players.

"It blows my mind, especially here in Dunedin. It's a nice, safe community. Growing up, we never really had that issue," said Dormois, a senior at Dunedin High School. "It's not just baseball. It's family. It's friends.

And people who care about the league want the person responsible arrested.

"Everything that we collect here goes back into the league for the kids. Everybody that works for the league are volunteers, and for somebody to just come in and take from the kids, it's awful," said Semitecolos.

The league president said the crime forced the concession stand to close for a day, and now damaged items are being replaced. She said she believes the thief cased the place before striking.

If you know who that man is, call the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.