Detroit man celebrates 99th birthday on the dance floor

A Detroit man has seen a lot in and out of Detroit since he was born on this day in 1920. But he's also danced his way around in the nearly 100 years - and did exactly that for his 99th birthday.

Houston Pritchett isn't your average senior citizen. On Sunday, he turned 99 and celebrated it on the dance floor. It's where he spends his Wednesdays and Thursdays - at St. Patrick Senior Center in Detroit.

On Wednesday, the center held a special luncheon to celebrate his birthday. But before lunch - Pritchett had to dance.

"I come here for the exercise and all thes friends. It's a wonderful thing," Pritchett said.

While he's one of the most active dancers at his age, he didn't start dancing until he was in his 80s and saw some senior citizens dancing.

"And I asked the fella who sold me the ticket - where'd you learn how to to that? And he said Come back Tuesday and he would have me join the center," Pritchett said.

That was in 2000. Since then, he's perfected his ballroom dancing learned some other dance moves along the way.

The key, he says, is practice makes perfect.

"So I'm getting a little better too. The ladies are asking me to dance now," Pritchett said.

As he looks to the big 100, he has no real secret to his longevity but he did offer some advice.

"Exercise and keep busy and don't sit around talking about what you used to do."