Doctors experience higher call volume for mental health issues during pandemic

Anxiety and depression are somethings that many people are struggling with especially at a time like this during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not being able to do what we usually do has really brought up a lot of things for many of us. 

FOX 10 spoke with a psychiatrist Wednesday who says doctors at Bayless Integrated Healthcare have received a number of calls regarding mental health.

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People are asking if how they are feeling is normal.

Dr. Andrea Raby with Bayless Integrated Healthcare shared a few tips to keep in mind during these trying times.

"I tell my patients, what do you like to do before COVID-19 ... if you don't want to go out and get treatment formally, go out and run a few miles, or do yoga, cooking and things like that," Raby said, adding, "I try to normalize it for them because at the end, it's important to get treatment somehow."

If you're struggling and just need to talk to someone, here are a few resources below:


Crisis lines
Children/Teens: 602-248-8336
Adults: 602-222-9444