Documentary about Gilbert woman's inspiring fight set to debut

In her 20 years of life, McKindree Patton has been through a lot.

"When I was about 12, I was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia and an immune deficiency," she said.

It's a rare and painful diagnosis that required treatment like chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. So at 16 years old, McKindree was in the hospital for 10 months, but she found out she could watch famous performers livestreamed directly to those who are battling and healing.

"Her friend got into her bed with her and that was a pace in that hospital room that we had not felt until that point," said Aimee Patton, McKindree's mom.

That is the impact of the Melodic Caring Project. Musicians like Gilbert's own Lindsey Sterling, a friend of the Patton family, want to share the gift of music.

"I was well have spent a good portion of last year in and out of the hospital with my dad and I know how scary those days can be," Sterling said.

For McKindree, things were about to get brighter.

The Melodic Caring Project began shooting documentaries about "Rockstars," people overcoming unimaginable challenges with incredible strength.

"To see the way they're dealing with those very obvious difficulties with such grace and such compassion with open hearts is really inspiring and encouraging," Levi Ware said.

So, Levi and his crew took her to New York and were welcomed by model Daniel Pimentel and designer Kate Spade.

"It was all in one day and every hour we kept saying, 'How can it get better than this? How can it get better than this?'" Aimee said.

All of it was documented in a movie airing tonight meant to bring hope and inspiration.

"We don't choose to live in crisis, we chose to live looking toward the future and surrounding yourself with people who help you get through that is a really magnificent thing," Aimee said.

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