Donald Trump-themed store in Show Low still going strong, one year after 2016 election

Donald Trump was elected to the presidency a little over a year ago, and that event inspired two die-hard supporters in Show Low to seize an opportunity beyond policy.

The two opened what they believe is the country's only retail store dedicated to Trump. The owners of the Trumped store believe they truly have a one-of-a-kind venue, dedicated to Trump.

"We do not know if anybody has ever taken a campaign headquarters and converted it in to a retail business and been very successful with it," said Steven Slaton.

Slaton, along with co-owner Karen MacKean had been running a campaign headquarters. Then, these two citizens united to open the store full-time, following the election.

"We've always been the grassroots up here and when the president was nominated in the primary, we stepped up," said MacKean.

The store's exterior is hard to miss, and even a year after the election, the owners said they still get a steady stream of visitors from all over the world.

"They come in, and they feel that it's the only place they've ever found that actually supports our president, our country, and the next generation," said MacKean.

Sometimes, the store will even get people from both sides of the aisle.

"We've only had about half a dozen extreme liberals have come through, and we chase them out, we tell them it's private property, we're gonna call the police, and they back down," said Slaton.

In August, the store was vandalized. No one has been arrested yet, but it might have been a blessing in disguise

"We were hit on a Wednesday night," said MacKean. "Thursday, that weekend, we had people coming in specifically to support us and buy things."

"We haven't had any problems since," said Slaton. "We installed cameras inside and out, so we'll be more prepared in case it happened again."

From the hats...

"The number one hottest seller is still the 'Make America Great', the original hat," said Slaton. "It's amazing how popular it still is."

To some colorful shirts.

"I can't tell you how many reactions we get from that when we wear them," said Slaton, describing some of the more unusual Trump-themed t-shirts, including one where Trump's likeness appears to be superimposed on a man who is shirtless. "The reactions is just hilarious."

The store has become a pseudo Trump shrine.

"We looked all over the place to get really interesting things that Trump supporters wanted here," said MacKean. "They call it the Trump sanctuary."

Some customers from Birmingham, Alabama popped in while FOX 10 Phoenix's cameras were at the store.

"They just don't really have places like this around Birmingham," said a female visitor.

Slaton and MacKean said their business is doing so well, they'll be expanding soon.

"We're gonna start off with a coffee and pastry service in here, developing it," said Slaton.

Trump pastries aside, the store duo said their main goal is supporting Trump.

"One of the beauties that we tell people is what he's doing," said Slaton. "He's exposing the swamp, we call them our 'swamp-critters'. We've got plenty of them in the State of Arizona."

The two will also not let criticisms of Trump deter them.

"The news is being distorted, number one, and number two, the left just can't get over his election. When Barack Obama won, we got over it." said Slaton.

The store, with their Trump-themed socks hats, as well as their bandanas for Trump cats, plans to stay open for the long run.

They have signed a ten-year lease for the building last year.

"When people come in here, they say it's a 'Liberal-free zone'," said Slaton. "It's great."

"We try to stay away from anything that's really antagonistic, that's not nice. Unkind, nasty words, things like that. These are just fun," said MacKean.

When asked what will happen if Trump loses re-election in 2020, Slaton said:

"We'll deal with it at that time, to be quite honest with 'ya."

The Trumped store hopes to have their expansion complete in the next two months. While Trump is in office, they are throwing their full support behind other GOP candidates, including Kelli Ward for Senate.