Donald Trump to make return trip to Arizona

Some Latino leaders blasted Donald Trump on Wednesday over comments he made about the American-born judge presiding over the lawsuit against Trump University.

"That is not acceptable, that is not what our country is about," State senator Martin Quezada said.

The apparent Republican nominee suggested the judge couldn't be fair because of his Mexican heritage.

"He cannot say these racist comments," Samantha Pstross, of the Advocacy Network, said. "It's abhorrent, it's un-American and frankly it is un-Arizonan. He is not welcome here."

Trump is planning a stop here on June 18th. The last stop on a major campaign swing.

During Trump's last visit, protesters shut down Shea Boulevard.

"His remarks are not welcome and we want Donald Trump to take them back and apologize to the largest minority in the state of Arizona," Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo said.

Sen. John McCain also weighing in, tweeting that "we should celebrate the fact that our nation produces people like the judge, not attack them."

"He is not a racist," Sheriff Joe Arpaio said. "I have spent time with him. He is a great guy."

Sheriff Arpaio has been a supporter of Donald Trump from the beginning of Trump's campaign but wouldn't' talk about his recent remarks.

"I don't even like commenting about my cases, so I am not going to comment about his case and his comments because he knows more about it than I do," he said.

Arpaio doesn't know where Trump's event will take place, but he plans to be there.

"When nobody would stand next to him, this sheriff did and I have seen a lot of presidential candidates," he said. "I was a campaign guy for Bush, Perry, Romney... I can go on and on, so this guy is a little special. This is my gut feeling."