Downtown Phoenix coffee shop turns into sports bar for Suns playoff games

June 1 marks Game 5 for the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers, and downtown Phoenix will be filled with fans.

One place people might not think to watch the game? A coffee shop.

Luanas Coffee and Beer has completely transformed into a Suns hotspot - a coffee shop turned sports bar. The owner, Aaron Schofield, says it's something he's been waiting for.

"My family, we bleed purple and orange," Schofield said. "We always have."

The Phoenix native is a die-hard Suns fan and has even decked out the outdoor patio with a Suns court. This was long before the team was doing well.

"I’ve been watching the Suns since I was a very little kid," Schofield said. "I’ve been going to the games since I was a little kid. We’ve had season tickets for a long time."

As one can imagine, the coffee shop owner is thrilled with the team's performance this season.

"All of the customers, all of the neighbors, everyone is having a bunch of fun watching the games here at night," Schofield said.

His staff is getting in on the excitement. Well, almost all of them.

"We have one LA fan," the coffee shop owner laughed. "She’s never scheduled when the Suns are playing because we can’t have her wearing the Lakers stuff in here, but yeah."

Beat LA cups filled with their tasty cups of java have been added to the menu.

"People have been coming in here requesting them," Schofield said. "Usually we only do them on Game Day, but we’ve done about 500 of those at this point."

The game starts at 7 p.m. If the Suns win the series, he has a few other ideas in the works to keep the energy alive.

Luana's Coffee and Beer:

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