DPS: Qatar national killed in Tempe shooting involving trooper

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is investigating an shooting involving a trooper early Friday morning in Tempe.

According to a statement provided by DPS Friday afternoon, the shooting happened along Rural Road, just south of the Loop 202 in Tempe.

At the time, the trooper was on patrol in the area with a civilian observer inside the vehicle. While on patrol, the trooper found a man, identified as 25-year-old Mohamed Ahmed E A Al-Hashemi, knocking a street sign onto the roadway.

The trooper then used his speaker to ask Al-Hashemi to pick up the sign. Al-Hashemi dod not comply, however, and continued to walk down the middle of the roadway. Al-Hashemi, officials say, then became wildly demonstrative in his physical behavior and actions. Al-Hashemi eventually charged the trooper's car and kicked the hood area.

The trooper, officials said, then left his car and ordered Al-Hashemi to get on the ground. Al-Hashemi refused the order, and the trooper went on to taser him.

Al-Hashemi, according to DPS officials, then got into a fight with the trooper, in which the trooper was struck with fists, headbutt, and full-kick strikes, and was knocked down to the ground at least three times. Al-Hashemi later got the trooper's taser and hip him over the head with the weapon.

Eventually, Al-Hashemi kicked the trooper in the head a number of times, and the trooper began to feel a loss of consciousness. The trooper eventually fired his duty weapon.

Officials released video of the incident during the news conference.

Al-Hashemi is described by DPS officials as a Qatar national who was in Arizona on a student visa. Officials with Arizona State University told FOX 10 that Al-Hashemi is a former student.

Al-Hashemi was arrested two days ago for trespassing at the Islamic Cultural Center in Tempe. In a report, police say he caused a disturbance at the building multiple times before he was arrested.

As for the trooper, he was taken to the hospital for treatment and released.