Easley's Fun Shop helps last-minute Halloween shoppers

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Everyone hunts for the perfect costume, some later than others.

But no matter how close you cut it, the experts at Easley's Fun Shop are here to help, especially for the indecisive.

"It just depends on the party too, I think if it's a night party you can get a little more racy, but if it's for work you need to be a little more toned down, but then we also like the things that work for work and then you can whip the skirt off and throw some fish nets on and be ready for night!" Debbie Easley said.

Take these two friends -- they just decided they would go as members of the SWAT team.

"He wasn't going to do it... I said 'brother, we need to go as SWAT,' so this is what we chose to do," one man said.

There's never a dull moment here. For example, during this interview, we caught a little Easley sibling prank when Debbie's brother showed up like this.

"My little brother yesterday, he was behind the costume counter yesterday, he leaned over and scratched his head and so i thought I would terrorize you today, so we're putting band-aids all over his bald head," Debbie said.

Even though this is the last Halloween for the big yellow shop, Debbie says don't get your costume in a bunch.

"You never know, I may just pop up next Halloween with a 30-day store," she said.