East Valley School District speaks out over MAGA student attire controversy

GILBERT, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Some students at Perry High School in Gilbert say they were reprimanded last month for their 'Make America Great Again' gear on campus. Tonight, the Chandler Unified School District says it wasn't about the students' attire, but their behavior that got the attention of administrators. These new details come from a letter to the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

Perry High School students said they were disciplined for supporting President Trump and wearing Make America Great Again gear during a school spirit day.

"It just kinda sucks because everyone's still allowed to have their own political view," one student said. "They have their own, obviously the office had their own political view on it. That shouldn't affect the way you treat a student or discipline a student."

"[I'm] extremely frustrated that the school is trying to censor the kids and what they believe in - supporting the President of the United States," one parent said.

But a letter from the school district outlines the school's view that the students weren't disciplined for their gear - but for their actions.

A letter sent to the Attorney General's Office describes an incident where students wearing the gear were shouting and swearing at other students during the day. And after school, students were told to leave campus because they weren't involved in extracurricular activities.

The letter from the school district's attorney emphasized that no student was disciplined for speech-related activities.