Eight-year-old wants to dress up as his police officer brother for Halloween

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- Just weeks away from Halloween, a little boy says he wants to be a superhero.

When he said superhero, he doesn't mean any ordinary superhero. For eight-year-old Chase, his favorite superhero is his big brother.

"My adult son is a police officer, so he likes to be like his big brother," said Chase's mother, Kelli Galloway.

"Law enforcement, it's a tough gig and it's cool to see my family support me. Chase want to dress up as a cop," said Chase's big brother, Cody Galloway.

Chase has Cerebral Palsy, and although his condition may be a bit of a challenge at times, he dresses up with the family during Halloween, and like every other kid, Chase gets into character.

"It's all so fun! Halloween, Christmas, Easter, we all just have a blast, but we like to incorporate Chase in everything we do," said Kelli. "He can't always say what he likes, but he lets us know when he's happy or when he's uncomfortable, and he loves to dress up and go trick-or-treating."

Chase's custom Halloween costume was made possible, thanks to a long-time friendship.

"His mom and I have been best friends since we were kids," said Brenda Speezacatena, owner of Kid-To-Kid. She said she's honored to have the perfect costume in her store...

"We had the police costume here at Kid-To-Kid, and then big sister made the cop car for him," said Speezacatena. "So it just turned out amazing, so it's just fun seeing him get so much pleasure out of little things."