Event in South Phoenix offers underserved youth a chance to get vaccinated against COVID-19

As children ages 12 through 15 are eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19, community partners in Phoenix are targeting underserved youth who want to get the vaccine.

At C.O. Greenfield Elementary, located near Baseline Road and 7th Street in South Phoenix, a vaccination event took place on May 13. FOX 10 has learned that 600 appointments were booked within 24 hours.

The event came as a result of a partnership between the Herozona Foundation, Equality Health, Adelante Healthcare, and various other organizations. The event is administering Pfizer vaccines.

According to one doctor, Arizona ranks second in multi-generational homes, so young people getting vaccinated is crucial to slow the spread of a disease that has disrupted lives around the world for over a year.

"To be able to see people come together and fight through this as a community, as a country, it feels good that we all on the same page and fight for the same thing," said Alan Powell, Founder of the Herozona Foundation.

"It’s one community coming together to break down barriers and make it easy to get the vaccine, and now, we’re focusing on young people and their families, so we can get the community together," said Tomas Leon, President of the Equality Health Foundation.

Officials with Equality Health say the event at C.O. Greenfield Elementary is the first of many planned. The group wants to target 21 ZIP Codes throughout the Valley.

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